Halloween Hauntings

Civil War Ghosts

Another Halloween has come and gone. The once beautifully carved jack-o-lanterns have turned into rotting pumpkins; loads of candy are no longer being given out for free; and (with the exception of a few interesting individuals) no one is walking the streets in costume. But have no fear! The spirit of Halloween can live on for an extra day in this blog post.

As we all know, lot of Americans died in the Civil War. I realize this isn’t a shock to anyone. But even knowing this, I’m always surprised when reminded of just how many died: over 600,000.

With all of this death, it’s not surprising to learn that of the ten most haunted American battlefields, the top three are battle sites of the Civil War. I think reading about ghosts is a great way to stay in Halloween mode, so hang up that costume, grab a handful of candy and read on  …

#1 Gettysburg

With over 50,000 casualties and three days of bloody fighting, it’s no surprise that the site of this turning point battle is rumored to be haunted. During the summer months, when the area receives an influx in visitors, the paranormal activity supposedly peaks. Everything from a Confederate sentry still guarding his post to eerie apparitions appearing in tourists’ pictures add to Gettysburg’s reputation as the most haunted American battlefield.

#2 Antietam

The battle of Antietam is known as the bloodiest day in American history, so it’s not hard to believe that ghosts still like to hang around the battlefield. On Sept. 17, 1862, there were more casualties than in the entirety of the American Revolution, the Spanish-American War and the War of 1812. Whoa! Two major locations of the battle – Bloody Lane and Burnside’s Bridge – are reported to be heavily haunted. Many people have heard battle cries and smelled gunpowder when no one was around to cause them.

#3 Chickamauga

This battle effectively ended the Union offensive in the Western Theater known as the Chickamauga Campaign and resulted in the second highest number of casualties after the Battle of Gettysburg. The most well-known of the Chickamauga ghosts is known as Old Green Eyes. Sightings of Old Green Eyes have been reported since the end of the battle itself and the ghosts shape ranges from a shaggy, black panther-like creature to a headless ghost.

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